Want to experience an Ebony Dominatrix in Los Angeles? Then you will need to Submit…it is time to overcome your fear of the unknown.  Fulfill your destiny to serve a strong & powerful Ebony Dominatrix. I am what you crave, what you need.I am the realization of those fantasies, those dark dreams of desire. Your secrets are safe with me. I can give you what your wife or girlfriend will not…cannot…understand or fulfill. I know you want to surrender, to give yourself to Me.  I will take full control of you.  Under My command, you will experience the erotic exhilaration of humiliation, of being treated like the submissive that you are.  You need to push beyond your perceived limits. As a powerful Ebony Dominatrix, one who is of Cherokee and Nigerian-African descent, I possess a unique powerful ritualistic strength that will leave you mesmerized beneath My spell of submission.  

You will be taken deep within subspace and will only be freed when I say so.  Once in My divine Presence, you will fall to your knees at My feet to glorify and worship Me.  I am your Ruler, Your commander, I am Mistress Melissa.  There is no one greater. I am a powerful, Alpha Supreme Female, beautiful, intelligent, strict, but compassionate. It is time to accept your position in life, to serve, to make Me happy. Only then will you fill the empty void deep within, proceed to the next step, your new life awaits you!

Submission is not just physical

I Must have your Mind,body and Soul.
Mistress Melissa
Los Angeles Ebony Dominatrix.

“I recently had the opportunity to serve the magnificent Mistress Melissa.  She left an everlasting mark on my being (plus some delicious marks on my ass-which was suitably sore after the session).  Mistress Melissa has a commanding presence.  Her beauty, Her skill, Her natural authority cannot be denied.  Her dominance radiates from a natural source and the session flowed with an erotic tempo of Dominance and submission.  The moment i knelt before Her, i was nearly overwhelmed by Her power and knew that i belonged at Her feet.  Everything about the session was amazing.  The atmosphere and surroundings  fit perfectly with the dynamic of Woman who exudes control with a unique style of confidence and competence.  Repeating my mantra of devotion to Her as she prepared for the session, i floated into the proper space of surrender, of devotion.  She is strict and i had displeased Her about a previous comment of doubt, so the first thing was my properly due punishment.  After being put into position on a cross, Mistress Melissa delivered my needed discipline via a crop and another implement which i didn’t see, but certainly felt. i had to count and thank Her for the strikes of the implement.  When it was done,  i was grateful for my punishment and it reinforced Mistress Melissa’s no nonsense manner when it came to servitude.  Then i was allowed to bath Her beautiful feet in a foot bath, then massage and worship Her feet after She was suitably relaxed and pleased with Her home spa.  i cannot express enough Her beauty, Her calm authority.  The session went way too fast and i know i have scarcely begun to experience all Mistress Melissa has to offer as a skilled dominant and natural ruler.  She is stunning and amazing.  The opportunity to serve Her cannot be missed.”</p>
Yours Truly, Lackey Servant Slave

“Dedicated to My Goddess Mistress Melissa,Mistress Melissa is a dream. The one you’ve been dreaming you’ve been fantasizing about for years. She’s that dream. Beautiful, Dominant, Tall, Statuesque and Graceful. You see her and crave the chance to worship her beauty. Happily you fall to your knees.

Mistress Melissa is genuine. Real. When I submit to her whip, I feel grateful because I like her. I want to do things for her. I want to suffer for her to prove my submission to her. I want to be worthy of her. I want to suffer and have her leave her mark of ownership on me. I’m grateful to be owned by her.

She’s very strong physically. She can pin you down and force herself on you or be gentle. Her will is strong and she will teach you how to truly surrender. Giving control over to her is so beautiful. It just feels so good to release and obey. I yearn to serve her and submit to her. When I do, it is like an electric current running through both of us, energizing us. Powerful. She takes control of you and you find yourself wanting to please her and win her approval. To do anything she says. I am powerless in her presence and I love it. I love striving to obey and please her. I want her to be happy.

When I’m with her sometimes I look in the mirror and I think, “This is my fantasy come true. I’m living the fantasy that I always dreamed of.” And I can talk to her. She’s intelligent, well spoken, interesting and understanding of any worries or problems because she wants you to be comfortable but beware she is very strict and will not take any disrespect.

I am striving for complete submission to her and have spoken to Mistress Melissa about it. She has promised to help me become her perfect submissive slave. Still, I am afraid to do it, and I wonder… Would she be able to take me that deep and if so, how I would respond? But I trust her and so I will obey her and do as she tells me. I belong to her and love being at her feet, because I know that’s my place. That’s where I belong. I hope to continue deepening my submission and dedication to her with continued sissy bitch training and practice. I am grateful that she is willing to go on this journey with me as my guide.”


Signed, PonyBoy

“I have seen Mistress Melissa many times, I find myself addicted to her and cannot wait for her to dominate me again.  She truly enjoys what she does.  Set up is easy on her website and cell phone the day of appt. She has a nice and private Dungeon just for playing. Understand she is a Mistress and demands you follow her direction and not waste her time. I am the kind of enthusiast that loves her.  I have been strapped to her “fucking” bench and what an experience that was.  Once she tied to her bed with my legs in the air.  She whispered in my ear she needed to gag me, because I would soon be loud.  Then she pulled off her panties and shoved them in my mouth and took me, that was so fucking hot.  She pushed me to and sometimes beyond my limits,  but in such a good way.She has several mirrors in the room to get a good view and what she is doing to you.  Based on my experience regardless of your kink she will deliver.”


Your Slave Ken