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I am a true authentic Dominatrix in every sense of the word.

I am an avowed Female Supremacist and completely in touch with My inner Goddess. When in My presence you will always respect traditional D/s protocol and understand that your place is at My feet both literally and figuratively. I expect respectful submission and I will not tolerate insubordination. I wholeheartedly embrace Total Power Exchange and practice in sessions as well as in My personal life.

I am the quintessential Alpha Female who will take you deep into subspace and keep you there always when in My presence and this is when you will learn your true purpose in life, for it is to kneel down before Me and serve Me. I am hardcore however I do have a dual side which allows Me to explore more sensual aspects. Part of My allure is My sincere affinity for what I do and the way I personally connect with each slave.